Wednesday, March 11, 2009

{Tues/Wed: Artist+Photographer+Etsian---Marilyn Healey}

Well, yesterday went like a flash, and I realized really, really late last night that I hadn't posted anything for the days topic, however I was just bushed enough not to want to assemble another article. So today I thought I would do a little of both topics.
This artist/photographer/etsian is Marilyn Healey.
I stumbled across her lovely little etsy shop last year: { }.
She also has a blog { }
and a flickr page: { }
I'm not sure what all she has done professionally, but I know that her work has been featured in the Somerset publications.
I have one of her handmade flowers. I attached it to a cream coloured paper lantern hanging in my craft corner.
Pretty vintagy trims. She used my little roses on the middle tag. :):):):)
More lovely tags. She used my posies on these too.
Another very pretty handmade flower.


2SewRetro said...

These are all so lovely, and your posies look amazing on her packaging, Sasha! How neat. :-)

S.L.North said...

Thanks Alex. :):):)