Wednesday, March 25, 2009

{Wednesday: Etsy+Love/VesselsandWares.etsy+Cupcake Stands}

All of these lovelies and lots of other very lovely dishes can be found at:
They also have another shop with more dishes:
(they're having a sale right now: :):):))
She also has a blog:
I have a passion for anything cupcake related, they just draw me in every time.
This stand is simply adorable: butter yellow+scalloped= love.
So pretty!
I love this stand too.
I want cupcakes!!!

This color is good enough to eat. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

{Tuesday: Photographer: Carol-Ann Berry}

My post for today: Carol-Ann-Berry Photography,
I saw this first art print on the front page of etsy and thought that it was so lovely/bookmarked it. For more of her work go to:
She also has a blog:
So dreamy.
This just reminds me of quiet summer days, when the world is so warm that work seems only relatively important, and in the sun, the colors of everything seem to be melted a bit and warmed through. These are good days to spend with Eddie and take long, long walks and hang laundry on the clothes line and never think about wearing shoes.
This reminds me of those scenes from 'the Sound of Music' (the first one being when Maria arrived at the house/was dancing/singing down the avenue and the second when she had made all of those clothes for the children of of the curtains and the were going out for their picnic: that sounds pretty good right now, the weather people are talking about snow flurries for tonight and I cannot stop dreaming of spring and summer).
Another summer image. As a little kid one of the best things in the world was when the dandelions came in full force (actually it still is: I'm keeping a weather eye out for them). We never, ever spray them, how insulting. I love to look at the happy little flowers and their seedy-ghosts. I don't like them taking up residence in my vegetable beds, but that's what weeding was invented for. Besides, crab grass is much, much more of a pain to get rid of.

Monday, March 23, 2009

{Color-Me-Monday/Chocolate Brown}

I love this color. Dearly.
I love chocolate anything.
Awesome photo shot: it makes the adorable liners even cuter.
I think the world would be a darker place without polka dots.
Cupcake liners: The Layer Cake Shop

I love the hybrid of old-fashioned sweet shop and ultra cool jetsons whipped frosting+dragee's
Chocolate minty Cupcakes: a whisk and a spoon
This blog has lovely photo's (I *love* great pics of food) and is a dessert lovers paradise
Check it out @:
For the cupcake article/recipe:
Mmmm... tasty damask
Joel Dewberry: pic from: Eden's Garden of Fabric
These shoes drive me crazy!
I have such a crush on them.
I'm picketing over the fact that they are a size 5.
Waaah. Otherwise, they would probably come live at my house.
Pic from:
Another fabulous foodie blog!
Two in a row. What luck. :D
I love food. Good food.
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mousse: More words that drive me nuts.
Photo from: Cook Almost Anything
There are lots and lots of fabulous food articles:
I wish my food blog was as COOL as this one!
For the mousse recipe:
I love the fact that they have an index for all of recipes, it makes it so user friendly.
Nice ribbon: Lovely pic: I love the way they played up the graduated tones:
Chocolate Ribbons from: Kalena Studio

My Lovelies:
Repro millinery flowers:
Chocolate Forget-Me-Nots: The Gilded Bee

These are druk beads: they look so much like chocolate candies, I think I'm in love. Chocolate beads: Blue Lady Beads

Friday, March 20, 2009

{Freebie Friday: Luncheon Favors= Triangle box}

These are some of the favors that I made for my luncheon this week:
I thought I would share some of my favorite templates with you all. :)
These are a snap to make and so nice; just full of possibility.

This is a free template: you may use it at will.

It is not my original design. I've had it knocking around my folders for a very long time and as I didn't label it at the time and it has no type on the final template, I do not know who to give credit to for the design. If you know+wish me to post about them: just make a comment on this post and I will gladly do so. :)

Custom Request+Flowers I love

I composed this bouquet as a custom order in my shop (
I adore the way it turned out--it's just very pretty, like candy.
It's made of golden yellow/bubble gum pink daffodils, butter yellow primroses, strawberry pink forget-me-nots, baby blue forget-me-nots, and pale robins egg forget-me-nots.
Tied off with a nice swath of satin ribbon. :)
Happy flowers.
They also requested a card... so I made one that I thought would be nice with the flowers.

Card+handmade butter yellow envelope.

New Forget-Me-Nots

I should really upload the larger shots of all of these lovely flowers, however my tired little arm suggests that I do them collage style, so here they are in all of their tasty-ness.

All posies are my original work and can be found @

Thursday, March 19, 2009

{Thursday: Pretty Things/Vintage Clocks}

How funky are these? I've never seen vintage doily clocks before: these are so cool.
From found via
Vintage doily clock
I love these tiny travel clocks. This one can be found at:


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{Wednesday: Etsy+Love/efinegifts.etsy+vintage}

This is a shop that I love for there lovely antiques and muted photography.
These pretties+lots more (they have great Christmas ornaments and garlands) can be found at:
Wouldn't these be sweet on top of a sweet 16 cake or a gift?
A gorgeous vintage rose tiara.
Lovely for Easter= vintage Japanese chicks
I have a dresser that I plan to renovate, and I think it would be cool to find some knobs like these. I need 8 of them, however there are only 4 of these. They're so very pretty though.
These are so pretty/springy. I need to figure out how to make daisies. Tasty.
I nice very long tinsel garland. Mmmm. I love the color.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

{Tuesday: Artist Shelli Dorfe+Studio Mela}

My Artist for today is Studio Mela's Shelli Dorfe.
I spotted her cute+very whimsical art work on etsy:
She also has a lovely site apart from etsy:
Very cute graphics. :) She also has a blog:

Monday, March 16, 2009

{Color-Me-Monday/Curry Yellow}

Well, after my first posting of this morning with all of those yellow eye candies, I thought I would continue along those lines...
Yellow raspberries: How gorgeous are these??
Golden raspberries are even more delicate than the red ones and are to be treasured.
The Well Seasoned Cook's photostream/Flickr.
Little Paper Dog
Photo: j. kunst's photostream/flickr
Are these the coolest? They are vinyl wall art from Janey Mac Press.
These would be fun to have in a room.
They're actually having a sale until tomorrow: 20% off.
Be sure to check out all of the other super cool art:
Yellow Quartz Briolettes: Solivio
Curry Dots Wrapping Paper:
Paper Source
I love this tote.
If you're going to have a tote bag, this is the way to go.
I love the dress too.
Damask Tote: Draw Flowers

Amy Butler/Park Fountains+Yellow fabric Fabric Supplies: