Friday, February 27, 2009

{Freebie Friday: Birdie Gift Tags}

On the subject of gift wrap...
These are my freebie for today, royalty free clip art+yours truly wielding her mouse.

You can enlarge or shrink these little guys, copy+paste and print to your hearts content. :)

A giveaway and a gift...

After reading about Danni's (of and etsy fame) plottings of having another giveaway I petitioned her so that I might be able to participate.
I had thought about doing one on my blog, however, her blog gets a lot more traffic. Perfect.
Hopefully I'm not jumping the gun in posting these pics...
I'm one of (ten??) people w/ shops that are donating to the giveaway, and I'm excited to see the other vendors goodies. I wonder how she will mix and match these together...
I 'discovered' her blog right after Christmas.
They had been having a Christmas giveaway and it looked so cool/the prizes were wonderful.
Little pillowboxes. For the fellow members of the gift wrappers club...
I must have hit something with this color combo, because someone randomly bought these two together last night. The strawberry pink primroses are a new style. I really like them and will be making some more in lots of different colors. My little flower section gets a little picked over sometimes, and I can't seem to make enough, but that's really, really great. I go nuts if my shop sits idle for days.
Since I know that she has opened her little schtuff, I can safely post these pics.
I had been telling her about the valentines tea party I was hosting for my sisters+cronies (for the inside scoop on that little fete: + there are more recipes from the party which follow this post), and so I thought, hey, I'm mailing the prize goods in today, why not plan to send some tea party along with. Suprises are the best. :)
I tacked some of those new primroses to the chocolate and liked the effect, so I took a picture.
Even to this day, unless the gift is outrageously spectacular, the packaging is at least 50% of the overall pleasure of a gift. This past Christmas+my birthday (Dec 12--super close to Christmas, but far enough away that we squeak in a good fete that isn't absorbed by other festivities), I was allowed to choose many of my own gifts (a nice coat, goodies from etsy, yes, it was a delightful treat), and as they came in the mail, I wrapped them anyway, and enjoyed just looking at them.
The wrap made even stuff that I was already aware of, more thrilling.
I love wrap.
I have a spool of this wide cotton-ish dotted ribbon that sat in my drawer forever. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but as I started to play with it (this adult never outgrew playing with toys, I think that I just got bigger...) I hit on this use. I wrapped a little box of tea w/ brown mailing paper (I always, always, keep a big fat roll of brown mailing paper and white paper [I get them from my local newspaper office, they are leftover from the weeks printing, and come on a really wide roll, and are fantastic for hand printing your own wrapping paper]) and then some of the dot ribbon+some white satin+some primroses+tag+more ribbon. I have had that tiny piece of striped ribbon for some time, (I never throw stuff away, and labeled bins and drawers are the only thing that separates me from a bonified packrat) for just the right package.
This was the right package.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

{Thursday: Pretty Things/Suitcases}

Below: (poster:
(photo: 'bob on suitcases/hrhresorts)
(photo: moment magazine)
(photo:hubbo bubbo/Flickr)
(photo: Veronica TM/Flickr)

Planning a long vacation? (photo: fclo)

{Wednesday: Etsy+Love}

Some random lovely schtuff from my beloved etsy...
Flower crown from
glass glitter key from
Tasty little labels/bookplates from
Romance novel flower bouquet from

I love these adhesive labels. From:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

{Tuesday: Design-Photo-Art/My Cakies}

I wandered over to this blog from ohhellofriend.blogspot last night.
I probably spent 2 hours looking through the whole blog.
It's definitely a keeper. Her photo styling is lovely. So I thought I would post a few of her pics.
She definitely qualifies under all of the 'Tuesday requirements' (designer-photographer-artist)
Her etsy shop can be found here:
All photo's are property of Ruby at
Her daughter: so sweet. You've got to go and see the creations that she makes for her two daughters. They're just so great.
Looking at her lovely garlands makes me want to make some. I haven't made any for a while.
Especially this one, made from cupcake liners.
I love it.
The work of her hands: cute little flowers that she makes and sells through etsy and other vendors.

These baskets would have been great for Monday's color post. These are fun. And they would make great Easter baskets/party favors. I'm always dreaming of new party favors and doubt if I will ever have enough parties to use them all.

Monday, February 23, 2009

{Color-Me-Monday/Robins Egg Blue}

I couldn't resist making another badge... :)
Lovely vintage glass beads from:
Candies from:
Hello Lucky gift wrap from:
Organdy ribbon: Midori.
Robins egg+nest
take-out favor boxes:


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something new...

After my inconsistent blogging record, I thought that I would try something new.
I'm going to start a series of daily posts Mon-Fri, in which each day will have a theme:

*Monday: Color
*Tuesday: A photographer, designer or artist
*Wednesday: Etsy+love
*Thursday: Objects with a theme
*Friday: A freebie, either a free download or a giveaway

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see the first of my new postings. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

I love the blue one!

Note to self: Make a dresser like the blue one.
I am prowling blogs after a tiresome night on the computer (my stinky computer lost the document I was working on {whine, whine} :D)
I'm looking for inspiration, stay tuned as I rock the current design boat on this blog, I need some new sidebar buttons and junk. :D
Anyway, after that rabbit trail the link to a tasty transformation:

More roses, and some new forget me nots

New flowers! Yay. All of these pretties have been listed on :
I just love these pretties. These have so much potential.
Shell pink, these are so pretty too. Good for favors and decorations.
Cocoa: I love these.
Some little forget-me-nots. I'm debating on whether to make more of this style of flower for my shop or not.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

[Visual Inspiration:angelaliguori.blogspot]

I found these gorgeous pics over at
A whole corner full of delight! Shelves of P.S. paper products from paper source.
If your have been to my shop lately: You know that I'm crazy about paper+color.
Stamped cotton ribbon.
I *love* wrap.
These I just adore. I have to make some sometime. These are just awesome party favors.
Lovely silver=thank you ribbon

Boxes. I love these ones. I collect/make bandboxes. I should post some sometime.

So many crafts so little time. :D

Vintagy 'Portrait of Finch' Tags

Some lovely 'finch' tags that I made for my shop:
Shell pink...
Butter yellow...
Baby blue...

And mint.

I'm trying out a new background, I like it. It does seem a little subtle though.