Monday, March 23, 2009

{Color-Me-Monday/Chocolate Brown}

I love this color. Dearly.
I love chocolate anything.
Awesome photo shot: it makes the adorable liners even cuter.
I think the world would be a darker place without polka dots.
Cupcake liners: The Layer Cake Shop

I love the hybrid of old-fashioned sweet shop and ultra cool jetsons whipped frosting+dragee's
Chocolate minty Cupcakes: a whisk and a spoon
This blog has lovely photo's (I *love* great pics of food) and is a dessert lovers paradise
Check it out @:
For the cupcake article/recipe:
Mmmm... tasty damask
Joel Dewberry: pic from: Eden's Garden of Fabric
These shoes drive me crazy!
I have such a crush on them.
I'm picketing over the fact that they are a size 5.
Waaah. Otherwise, they would probably come live at my house.
Pic from:
Another fabulous foodie blog!
Two in a row. What luck. :D
I love food. Good food.
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mousse: More words that drive me nuts.
Photo from: Cook Almost Anything
There are lots and lots of fabulous food articles:
I wish my food blog was as COOL as this one!
For the mousse recipe:
I love the fact that they have an index for all of recipes, it makes it so user friendly.
Nice ribbon: Lovely pic: I love the way they played up the graduated tones:
Chocolate Ribbons from: Kalena Studio

My Lovelies:
Repro millinery flowers:
Chocolate Forget-Me-Nots: The Gilded Bee

These are druk beads: they look so much like chocolate candies, I think I'm in love. Chocolate beads: Blue Lady Beads