Tuesday, March 24, 2009

{Tuesday: Photographer: Carol-Ann Berry}

My post for today: Carol-Ann-Berry Photography,
I saw this first art print on the front page of etsy and thought that it was so lovely/bookmarked it. For more of her work go to: www.CarolAnnBerry.etsy.com
She also has a blog: http://carol-ann-berry.blogspot.com/
So dreamy.
This just reminds me of quiet summer days, when the world is so warm that work seems only relatively important, and in the sun, the colors of everything seem to be melted a bit and warmed through. These are good days to spend with Eddie and take long, long walks and hang laundry on the clothes line and never think about wearing shoes.
This reminds me of those scenes from 'the Sound of Music' (the first one being when Maria arrived at the house/was dancing/singing down the avenue and the second when she had made all of those clothes for the children of of the curtains and the were going out for their picnic: that sounds pretty good right now, the weather people are talking about snow flurries for tonight and I cannot stop dreaming of spring and summer).
Another summer image. As a little kid one of the best things in the world was when the dandelions came in full force (actually it still is: I'm keeping a weather eye out for them). We never, ever spray them, how insulting. I love to look at the happy little flowers and their seedy-ghosts. I don't like them taking up residence in my vegetable beds, but that's what weeding was invented for. Besides, crab grass is much, much more of a pain to get rid of.

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