Monday, March 2, 2009

Shop Update: New Flowers

I made some new flowers for (my little shop)
Again, I love pink. Passionately.
(Above: Bubble Gum Pink Primroses)
Lovely scarlet primroses.
A new color: Bright Pink Primroses
Another new color: Apricot Primroses
I need to order some more of this paper (I really like to use this one), I'm down to just a little bit.
Baby blue Primroses
Cream Primroses

Purple Poppies

I'll have lots of new flowers coming this week. I will be doing more colors and styles, including more colors of roses, and primroses, and some more dotted flowers.

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Zarebski said...

You did great job!! Those decorative flowers best for home and party decor...