Monday, March 9, 2009


Just stop: Look at this photo. It really doesn't get any more beautiful.
Tasty, refreshing, fuzzy.
Velvet ricrac from Caramelos:
Silk Pansies: Julie Fleming
Orange shoe: Flickr.
How adorable are these vintage buttons??? They're about 3/8'' in diameter, and have little scalloped edges. I was hunting around for pics for todays post and these were perfect. And then I decided that I just had to have them. The packaging was definitely about 35% of the reason that I wanted them (yes, I'm a sucker for lovely packaging: it really matters how things are presented). They will live on my inspiration board for a little while before being used.
{tasty} Czech glass beads from: Sweet Tranquil Jewelry
No post on orange would be complete without oranges.
Produce is awesome. As a photographer, I fantasize about produce. It is so brilliantly colored with such great texture, that it takes so little to coax out an amazing snapshot.

Fabulous cupcake liners from: Bake it Pretty


oh, hello friend. said...

what a lovely collection of ORANGE! i love orange :)

S.L.North said...

Thanks so much Danni :):):)
It wasn't my original choice for this day, but when Monday came, it was just right. Mondays are my favorite (color) and always the easiest for me to do as I tend to think in color categories.