Tuesday, March 3, 2009

{Tuesday: Design-Photo-Art/Rebecca Thuss}


This photographer is amazing. These photo's are so gorgeous, and there are many more on her portfolio site:http://rebeccathuss.com
Definitely go check out the rest of her collection.

I love this idea. I'm a creative craft junkie, and I'm crazy for gift wrap. This is from a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine of the past if I don't miss my guess. It's an article on making custom gift wrap. Sweet.
More sweet. Where do you find lolli's like this?? I love gourmet candy too.
Imagine walking down this path with the birds chirping and a hushed breeze brushing the tops of the trees.
The ground is covered with snow here. It's very cold.
I'm fanatizing of the dreamy summer day that is encapsulated in this snap shot.
I've seen these before: where you line the envelopes with a nice paper, sometimes a patterned paper. This is on my list of projects to do.
These sweets buffets are such a visual feast.
Candy makers infuse such brilliant colors and textures into their creations.
It's such a reminder of being a little kid and going into five-and-dime stores and buying penny candy (we were lucky enough to have one of those antique establishments still existing in the 90's--I still make pilgrimages over to the shop :)).
How delightful is this shot??
I love this cupcake art.

I love the wrappers.
Sweet, sweet, sweet.
still life=berries

I have seen this paper before, that she would have used to make this set, it's enough to make me want to go get some. So pretty.

What an artist.

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