Saturday, September 27, 2008


What a week, I'm so behind on tasks and blogging.
I have been swamped with the garden and preserves/canning. Whew.
On top of all of this I had full fledged migraine Monday and Tuesday, fried the top of my left hand while ironing fabric. I then proceeded to the dentist where I had the frolicsome shot in my face, resulting in some nice puffiness/numbing up to my forehead.
Friday as I was picking fruit, happened to wrap my hand around a previously claimed pear, resulting in a yellow jacket sting smack in the palm of my left hand (I'm a left handed gardener/cook/ and crafter... not good) which swelled up nicely and got nice and red.
Another interesting thing I did today was drive for the first time (I know, I know, I'm no spring chicken, but I haven't had to drive up till now) So thus my physically uncomfortable week goes on. Then to complete the painful week, like the cherry on the sundae, on Saturday and Sunday I got another migraine, I am weary of pain...
Perhaps this next week cannot help but be better.

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