Wednesday, February 25, 2009

{Thursday: Pretty Things/Suitcases}

Below: (poster:
(photo: 'bob on suitcases/hrhresorts)
(photo: moment magazine)
(photo:hubbo bubbo/Flickr)
(photo: Veronica TM/Flickr)

Planning a long vacation? (photo: fclo)


oh, hello friend. said...

i loveeee old suitcases.
great collection :)

S.L.North said...

Thanks so much. :):):)
I love those old hat box suitcases, and keep a weather eye out for them at flea markets+antique shops, but I haven't found a 'hard shelled' one just yet.
I do have a dusty blue vintage suitcase, that usually stays at home, because I don't want to damage it.:) It would probably be fine though, maybe I should haul it along on my future journeys.