Friday, February 27, 2009

A giveaway and a gift...

After reading about Danni's (of and etsy fame) plottings of having another giveaway I petitioned her so that I might be able to participate.
I had thought about doing one on my blog, however, her blog gets a lot more traffic. Perfect.
Hopefully I'm not jumping the gun in posting these pics...
I'm one of (ten??) people w/ shops that are donating to the giveaway, and I'm excited to see the other vendors goodies. I wonder how she will mix and match these together...
I 'discovered' her blog right after Christmas.
They had been having a Christmas giveaway and it looked so cool/the prizes were wonderful.
Little pillowboxes. For the fellow members of the gift wrappers club...
I must have hit something with this color combo, because someone randomly bought these two together last night. The strawberry pink primroses are a new style. I really like them and will be making some more in lots of different colors. My little flower section gets a little picked over sometimes, and I can't seem to make enough, but that's really, really great. I go nuts if my shop sits idle for days.
Since I know that she has opened her little schtuff, I can safely post these pics.
I had been telling her about the valentines tea party I was hosting for my sisters+cronies (for the inside scoop on that little fete: + there are more recipes from the party which follow this post), and so I thought, hey, I'm mailing the prize goods in today, why not plan to send some tea party along with. Suprises are the best. :)
I tacked some of those new primroses to the chocolate and liked the effect, so I took a picture.
Even to this day, unless the gift is outrageously spectacular, the packaging is at least 50% of the overall pleasure of a gift. This past Christmas+my birthday (Dec 12--super close to Christmas, but far enough away that we squeak in a good fete that isn't absorbed by other festivities), I was allowed to choose many of my own gifts (a nice coat, goodies from etsy, yes, it was a delightful treat), and as they came in the mail, I wrapped them anyway, and enjoyed just looking at them.
The wrap made even stuff that I was already aware of, more thrilling.
I love wrap.
I have a spool of this wide cotton-ish dotted ribbon that sat in my drawer forever. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but as I started to play with it (this adult never outgrew playing with toys, I think that I just got bigger...) I hit on this use. I wrapped a little box of tea w/ brown mailing paper (I always, always, keep a big fat roll of brown mailing paper and white paper [I get them from my local newspaper office, they are leftover from the weeks printing, and come on a really wide roll, and are fantastic for hand printing your own wrapping paper]) and then some of the dot ribbon+some white satin+some primroses+tag+more ribbon. I have had that tiny piece of striped ribbon for some time, (I never throw stuff away, and labeled bins and drawers are the only thing that separates me from a bonified packrat) for just the right package.
This was the right package.

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