Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Martin House at Christmas Time

We went to one of my favorite haunts after tea at the Martin House, namely Bonnesens.
I have mentioned it before. It's a five and dime store that I have been going to since I was a little kid. And I still anticipate everytime I go. We were doing a little Christmas shopping just before they closed, and it started snowing. As in Christmas movie snowing, big flakes, falling at just the right rate, as though they were cued to be picturesque for that moment in time.
I took this picture of the main street in Atlantic, IA (which is, of course, where the Martin House and Bonnesens are located), I love the decorations that they put up. My picture doesn't do them justice, there are lights on every tree and in the park at the end of the street.
It looked so very festive.
My flash wouldn't cooperate with me so my pics are a little dark.
The Martin House is a second empire Victorian that has been converted into a Bed and Breakfast/restaurant. We go there every year for tea+desserts (you should hear the list of desserts, it makes me want to create new cheesecakes) and to see the Christmas decorations, which are never the same two years in a row.
This is the view looking into the front parlor.
Looking into the dining room, so gorgeous.
I'm obsessed with the opulence of this era.
The light fixtures are amazing. They have come from several counries, including Austria and Paris, France.
I wonder if I have room for one somewhere in my house?
In the back parlor...
And another (I know, very dark, stupid flash), of the lovely front parlor.
We went again on New Years Day.
It was very nice to sit in the front parlor on the pink velvet couch and just watch the fire in the fire place.
What a house.

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