Saturday, January 17, 2009

10 Things to do...

Hmm, what a weekend.
I'm so tired <:)
I've been on the computer so long,
I think my neck and my arms have gone into locked positions,
I need to do something else for a little bit...

Here is my list of 10 things to do that aren't on the computer:

*1. take my dog for a walk
*****Done, Eddie was bouncing off the walls, it has been so cold/blizzardy that we haven't been out in days.

*2. Make bread
*****I'm just putting it in the oven...

*3. sew something

*4. wrap a gift
*****Done, in lavender tissue, for my sisters birthday

*5. read a magazine
*****I read through my new M.S.Living/Valentine issue,
I should make a project out of it

*6. paint something

*7. write a thank you note

*8. make something beautiful

*9. do a sketch
*****Done (yesterday) I'm preparing to overhaul my sewing area and was making some layout sketches.

*10. watch or read something funny
*****Done, I watched some episodes of 'I love Lucy' and a British Comedy.


ArtifexNorth said...

Which Britcom? :)

I like your new site design. Imagine what you could do with Photoshop. >SIGH< I wish I had Photoshop...

S.L.North said...

We watched 'As time goes by', always funny.
Photoshop would be really nice!!
I nearly crispied by brains trying to figure out edits for frou frou blog layouts, but couldn't figure it out.
I opted to just go with a color switch and new banner.
Maybe I can get some other toys for the sidebar.
One blog I read has a little clock showing the time/in the timezone she lives in. That would be kind-of neat.