Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Trees of Walnut

They have a very large Christmas Tree in the middle of the main street, the street is cobbled.
Very nostalgic, perfect for Antique City. They have also decorated the other trees along the street, however we weren't there after dark, so I couldn't get a pic of the lights.
A table full of silver and sparkly things at Sow A Seed
I love this little pink tinsel tree, I should get one some time and decorate it with vintage glass ornaments or candy, little spice drops and whatnot. Another tree pic from Sow A Seed.
A lovely tinsely ornament from the forget me not shop.
Tree from the Forget Me Not Shop in Walnut, IA.
I love the feathers , pink bead garland and roses.
Another pretty table tree from the forget me not shop.
All is gold that glitters, another tree from the forget me not shop.

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