Thursday, November 13, 2008

White and grey Striped Blouse

Our cat Boots modeling the sleeves before I attached them to the blouse.
They fit loosely over his head, so cute, like a baby bonnet.
Boots wanted to move around a lot as my sister held him for the pics.
I probably took 14-15 photographs before I could get something recognizable. :)
This is a blouse that I made using the JJ pattern+some improvising on the collar/minus the princess seams (limited fabric on this swatch).


Sew*crazy said...

This picture of your cat is so funny! I LOVE it! He looks very incredulous. ;-)
Tha blouse is cute, too. I like the muted stripes.

S.L.North said...

Boots was rather incrudulous. We interupted one of his many naps.